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How to determine the appropriate cutting point?

1. The tool alignment point can be set on the machined part, but it should be noted that the tool alignment point must be a reference position or a precision machined part. Sometimes, after the first process, the tool alignment point is damaged by CNC machining, which can cause the second process and subsequent tool alignment points to be difficult to find. Therefore, when aligning the tool in the first process, it is important to establish a relative tool alignment position at a location that has a relatively fixed size relationship with the positioning reference, This can retrieve the original tool alignment point based on their relative position relationship. This relative tool alignment position is usually located on the machine tool workbench or fixture. The selection principles are as follows:
1) Finding the right one is easy.
2) Easy programming.
3) Small tool setting error.
4) Convenient and traceable inspection during processing.
2. The origin position of the workpiece coordinate system is set by the operator themselves. After the workpiece is clamped, it is determined by tool alignment, which reflects the distance and position relationship between the workpiece and the zero point of the machine tool. Once the workpiece coordinate system is fixed, it generally remains unchanged. The workpiece coordinate system and programming coordinate system must be unified, that is, during machining, the workpiece coordinate system and programming coordinate system are consistent.

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