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How to reasonably select machining tools?

How to reasonably select machining tools? How many factors are there in cutting quantity? How many materials are there for cutting tools? How to determine the rotational speed, cutting speed, and cutting width of the tool?

1. When milling flat surfaces, non regrinding hard alloy end mills or end mills should be selected. In general milling, it is recommended to use a secondary cutting process, and the first cutting process is best to use an end milling cutter for rough milling, with continuous cutting along the surface of the workpiece. The recommended cutting width for each pass is 60% to 75% of the tool diameter.
2. End mills and end mills with carbide inserts are mainly used for machining bosses, grooves, and box surfaces.
3. Ball knives and round knives (also known as round nose knives) are commonly used for machining curved surfaces and variable angle contour shapes. And ball cutters are mostly used for semi precision and precision machining. Circular knives with carbide cutting tools are often used for rough cutting.

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